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Crop Circles720 holds a unique place in the SoCal indie scene. Known for utilizing dark, apocalyptic images, and heavy streams of thought consciousness, the CCs, in their previous releases and current full-length album, “Existentialism,” maintain an uncompromising authenticity to hip-hop culture, an authenticity seen by few.


The Conscious, cut creating Engineer responsible for the organization and successive notes played on the Crop Circles Timeline…

Artforms Aka Arty Swell

A high ranking swellian who makes his presence felt when the mic is in hand. Speaker of bold realities and b-boy diaries.

Nat Key Cole

Newest addition to the Circles family providing vocal back drops, melodic piano licks and synthesizing atmospheric sounds both live and in the studio.


The high end backbone producer, MPC 2000XL button pusher triggering sample loops and 808 bass drum hits to shake the ground you walk on.

Ailments aka The Word Man

Heavy hitting Crop Circles front man and Master of syllables, delivering an unprecedented onslaught through rhyme and reason.